Roku streaming player is leading the pack of streaming devices because it is equipped with cutting-edge technology and incredible features, which make streaming of content a lot more exciting. Roku streaming devices feature an intuitive interface, which results in a seamless transition from one section of the menu to another. An excellent interface is complemented by a large content library, as Roku currently has more than 1800 channels in its fold, and the number continues to grow. Such a large number of channels have hundreds and thousands of hours of content, spreading across different niches such as drama, comedy, thriller, horror, sports, documentary, news and many more. Roku is what every binge-watcher demands, but in order to enjoy a huge libray of content that Roku boasts, make sure to go about Roku installation in the right way.

Roku setup is of paramount importance because if not done right, it won’t be able to display any content from any channel, thus leading to a miserable binge-watching experience. For accessing Roku’s content, you must ensure a proper internet connection, either wired or wireless. You can connect an Ethernet cable with Roku, as there is an Ethernet port provided on Roku Ultra. Whereas, for other models such as Roku Premiere, Premiere+, Roku Express, and Express+, you will have to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Roku Streaming Players We Support:

Roku Express : This is the basic Roku model, which features an HDMI cable. Roku Express works with HD TVs, but can only be connected via HDMI.

Roku Express+ : This model has similar features that you will find in Roku Express+, but this model is capable of connecting to older TVs because of the ports provided for connecting a composite cable.

Roku Premiere : Use this Roku model when you are using a 4K TV with HDR support, as Roku Premiere comes with all these features. The model also features a standard Roku remote.

Roku Premiere+ : This is an upgraded version of Roku Premiere, which is accompanied by an advanced Roku remote with the voice search feature.

Roku Streaming Stick : This model is ideal if you don’t have space for accommodating a streaming box. Connect the stick directly into the HDMI port of the TV and enjoy Roku content. This model supports 1080p resolution.

Roku Streaming Stick+ : Roku streaming stick too has an upgraded version, which is called Roku Streaming Stick+. The difference between the two is 4K and HDR support, which the plus version is equipped with. Then, there is an external wireless extender that can be used to extend the range of Roku if the TV and router are placed far away from each other.

How To Setup Roku Streaming Player?

Setting up a Roku streaming player is very easy, provided you are following the correct steps in the correct order.

  1. The process begins with connecting Roku to a TV that supports HDMI connectivity. It is recommended to use high-speed HDMI cable while connecting Roku to TV for better video quality.
  2. Older TVs that feature composite video connection can also be connected with Roku using a composite cable.
  3. Connect Roku to the TV using a high-speed HDMI cable or composite cables (for older TVs). Roku can be connected to the internet wired or wirelessly. After that, turn on the Roku player by connecting the power adapter to the wall outlet.

Note : Select Roku streaming players can be connected to the USB player of the TV, but they won’t be charged through those ports.

  1. On your Roku remote, insert the batteries in the battery compartment followed by selecting the correct TV input on the TV. Then, you will see the ‘Roku logo’ on the screen, which means the device has been started properly. Roku remote is the power in your hand for making changes to the device’s settings. If your Roku remote isn’t working, then check the batteries. Try a different pair of batteries to check if the fault was in the batteries. If the remote still doesn’t work after inserting a new set of batteries, then you should take help from experts.
  2. On the first screen, you will be asked to select your preferred language.
  3. After selecting your preferred language, connect Roku to the internet. Go through the list of available networks and select the network that belongs to you. Enter the password to your network and connect.
  4. As soon as Roku is connected to the internet, it begins downloading the latest firmware updates. Therefore, you must wait until all the updates are downloaded. Upon successful downloading, the Roku player is going to restart.
  5. Roku will automatically select the display resolution, but in case, it doesn’t, then make sure to do it on your own.

This was the initial setup of the Roku player, and now, you will have to focus on the Roku account setup and activation.

How to Create or Login Roku Account?

Roku Streaming Player consists of a large repertoire of content, but that content is only available when you have an account on Roku. The reason being, all the channels you add will be managed and controlled via your Roku account. You will be able to buy subscriptions to your favorite channels with the help of an active Roku account, so make sure to create one in the right way.

  1. On your PC or smartphone, go to www Roku com link.
  2. When the webpage opens, click ‘sign up’ and enter your basic information in the fields that you see on the screen.
  3. Click the boxes corresponding to ‘I am not a robot’, ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Settings’. Then, click ‘Continue’.
  4. On the next screen, you will be asked to generate a PIN to authorize purchases on the Roku Store.
  5. Choose a payment method, which will be used for making purchases in the form of channel subscriptions and so on.
  6. With that, your Roku account is created and now, you can go to Url https www Roku com link sign in page to sign in to your account.

How To Activate Your ROKU TV or www.Roku.Com/Link Enter Code Activation?

Upon creation of the Roku account, the next step is to activate the Roku device because if your device isn’t activated, then you won’t be able to access anything.

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to activate the Roku device.

  1. Connect Roku player to the internet so that it can download and install the latest firmware OS.
  2. As it does that, Roku restarts itself. Then, you will be prompted to activate your Roku player.
  3. Note down the activation code because you will enter it in a few moments on the Roku com link activate website.
  4. Open the Roku activation link and enter the activation code. Then, click ‘Submit’.

Note – Make sure to complete all the steps related to the Roku code link or else, your device won’t be activated.

  1. Roku activation will be done via your Roku account, so log into your Roku account using the right login credentials.
  2. Now, enter the Roku enter link code to activate your Roku player. With that, your Roku is activated and eligible to stream your favorite content. In case, you experience any activation issue, then take the help of Roku support.

How To Setup Roku Streaming Stick?

The setup process of Roku Streaming Stick and its (+) version is very different from Roku Ultra, as there is no box provided. Roku Streaming Stick and Stick+ connect directly into the HDMI port on the TV. So are Roku Premiere, Premiere+ and Roku Express, Express+.

Here are the steps to setup Roku Streaming Stick:

  1. The first step includes selecting your preferred language.
  2. Then, you will be asked to connect your Roku Streaming Stick to the internet. So, check the list of networks and connect to the network that belongs to you. Enter the password for the network and click ‘Connect’.
  3. As you connect the device to the internet, it starts downloading the latest firmware OS and then, installs the same. So, hold on until that happens and then, Roku Streaming Stick restarts. 
  4. Upon the restart, Roku Stick automatically detects the best display resolution, but in case, it doesn’t, then you will have to do it manually. If you wish to do it later on, then you can certainly do that by going to ‘Settings’ and then, selecting ‘Display Type’.
  5. You will see the Roku com link enter code on the screen, so note it down as you will be needing it in a few seconds.
  6. Now, using your Roku account, you will have to activate your Roku Streaming Stick.
  7. Go to the Roku com link activation page, then sign in to your Roku account to enter the activation code.
  8. As you do so, your Roku device will be activated and you shall begin watching your favorite content streamed through Roku player.

Roku Problems & Troubleshooting

Roku streaming players despite being a highly advanced and sophisticated electronic device are not immune to problems. There are many problems originated in Roku players from time to time. However, the best thing about Roku's problems is that they can be solved quickly and easily.

Here is the list to some of the most common Roku problems:

  1. Unable to setup and install a Roku streaming player.
  2. Unable to connect Roku Ultra to home Wi-Fi network.
  3. Roku Express/Express+ can’t be connected to the internet, either via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  4. Roku Premiere/Premiere+ not working with Samsung Smart TV.
  5. Roku remote not working.
  6. No signal on Roku streaming player.
  7. Can’t sync Roku remote with Roku player.
  8. HDMI cable is loose or broken, hence experiencing HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku error.
  9. Roku Stick not working with PlayStation and Xbox.
  10. Can’t perform reset Roku Stick.
  11. Unable to perform ESPN Roku activation.
  12. Can’t access Netflix and Hulu on Roku.
  13. Unable to activate Roku as the activation code expired.
  14. Roku can’t update its software, hence seeing Roku error code 003.
  15. Roku activation can’t be completed as screen froze on the activation page.
  16. Roku error code 001 or activation issue.
  17. Roku error code 009 or inactive network connection.
  18. Roku error code 011 or software update failure.
  19. Roku error code 012 or streaming issues.
  20. Roku error code 014 or internet connection problems.

Whenever there is some problem with Roku, it is always better to take help of experts because not only they provide quick and reliable solutions for the problem, but also guide you regarding the occurrence of the problem so that you can prevent it from reoccurring. Therefore, it is a wise move to consult Roku support for the best assistance pertinent to Roku players regardless of the model.